Hi! I am Dr. Jake Weinstein, a Nurse Practitioner with a passion for human care and system-based problem-solving. I completed a Masters of Nursing at Georgetown University and a Doctorate of Nursing at South Alabama. I am board certified by ANCC and AACN as a Nurse Practitioner. Mobile Care was started in 2016 to provide excellent healthcare in the comfort of your home, office, or via telehealth and medical-legal consultation. Like many businesses, we took a pause during COVID. Now we are ready to help you achieve your physical and mental healthcare goals, with hormone balancing, peptides, and functional concierge medicine.

Dr. Jake Weinstein DNP ACNP

The mission of Mobile Care is to bring evidence-based practice to the community, enhancing access to underserved populations, and listening to patients.

Our core values include; honesty, diversity, accountability, humility, and judgment-free healthcare for all humans.

As a gay man, I understand the pain in coming out to your provider, the eye rolls, and having to explain PrEP to a medical professional. I want to hear about your entire lifestyle, extracurriculars, and all. This helps me take better care of you.

I am currently licensed in Colorado, Texas and Wisconsin. Concierge services are available throughout the Denver metro area and beyond. Services in Texas and Wisconsin are completed via tele-health and our secure, HIPAA compliant electronic medical record. 


Why Mobile Care?

We know you have options for healthcare in Denver, so why choose us? Other concierge practices still require you to call for appointments, take time off work, wait in a little room with bad artwork, wait in a smaller room with old medical posters and then see a provider who stares at his or her computer for 7 minutes while talking to you. We bring an entire medical office to you, labs, testing prescriptions, book online or directly with a provider (no more waiting on hold or endless telephone trees), access to supplements, peptides, and so much more, all without bad artwork. No more waiting in line or worrying about catching something at the doctor’s office.

What Makes Us Different?

We listen to you. Seriously. We want to know your mental and physical healthcare goals. Then we create a plan together that works for you with modern and functional medicine. You know your body best, we help you achieve the results you want to see.

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Trying to improve retention and or employee satisfaction scores? Is your team losing productivity because of minor medical issues? Need infection control, first-aid, and or CPR training. We can help resolve all these issues and improve your teams’ performance and your bottom line.

Proud Member of Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce