Scream Cream

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Scream Cream, is a topical cream, when used women report substantially increased libido, intensity of orgasm, and also vaginal lubrication.

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Scream Cream. This is a topical cream that when applied to the clitoris it increases libido and intensity of orgasm. It has been reported that only 25% of women achieve orgasm from sexual intercourse, and even with clitoral stimulation that number only increases to 43%, but Scream Cream can make all the difference. Women have reported substantially increased libido, intensity of orgasm, and also vaginal lubrication. We have two formulations, the first includes a small amount of testosterone, which helps you and a male partner. The second, is more concentrated or potent. If you are ordering the later we recommend ordering 3 vials at a time.

If your ordering Scream Cream, checkout our options for Oxytocin. Oxytocin certainly lives up to its reputation as the “Love Hormone,” it also has broader applications like weight management and a performance enhancer. Levels reach extreme levels during childbirth and breastfeeding, however they have also found to be elevated during sexual arousal, skin to skin contact, and orgasm.  We know that taking this can improve libido, orgasm intensity/frequency and sexual pleasure.


  • Libido Scream Cream -1 (Sildenafil / Testosterone / Menthol) 50mg/5mg/0.01mg/g (30g) 
  • Libido Scream Cream – 2 (Cituliine/Aminophilline/Ergoloid Mesylate/Pentoxifylline) 120mg/30mg/0.5mg/50mg (5ml)

We have a variety of products with various formulations. If you have never tried NAD+, we have a Oxytocin/NAD+ troche. A troche is a dissolvable pill, like a gummy, only better! All of our formulation are purchased by the dozen and shipped direct. Having a bachelorette or birthday party, or another event, check out our Botox Parties with Oxytocin.


Scream Cream 1, Scream Cream 2


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