Traditional Testosterone Replacement TRT

From: $109.00 / month

*Pricing for up to 200mg/week dosing.


Testosterone Replacement in Denver. Mobile Testosterone! We come to your home or office, draw all necessary labs and provide a testosterone vial for intramuscular injection. Hormone replacement therapy requires regular labs. You have the option to complete these labs with us or with another provider. Just let us know what works best for you and get started today! Ready for concierge testosterone replacement in Denver? We have multiple formulations, you have probably heard of testosterone cypionate, however we also carry testosterone with anastrozole and DHEA. These are both estrogen blockers, preventing the conversion of testosterone to estradiol. This is why we check your labs every 6 months, we want you to be on track, balanced and safe in hormone replacement.

TRT in Denver*

  • Training on injections
  • Delivery of testosterone
  • Labs* every 6 months – We come to you!
  • All syringes, needles, and alcohol wipes


  • Testosterone Cypionate
  • Testosterone Propionate
  • Testosterone Cypionate/Anastrozole
  • Testosterone Cypionate/DHEA
  • Testosterone Gummies
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement 

Have you looked into bioidentical hormone replacement or (BHRT) for Men in Denver. Get started with a consult and labs all concierge, style. We come to your home or office and provide service. After we review your labs we get to chat about testosterone and estradiol replacement therapy, also known as BHRT. Why bio-identical hormone replacement? Synthetic hormones require more effort for your body to process and use these drugs. Some synthetic hormones are still sources from horse urine to this day! Who wants that in your body. Bioidentical hormone balancing allows your body to slowly absorb hormones over a period of 5-6 months, working with your body. Our bioidentical hormone replacement pellets are compounded right here in Colorado. Hormone replacement can be accomplished in pellets, creams, troches and injections.

We have all of these available in the formulation your body needs, however we suggest bioidentical hormone replacement.  Why use BHRT instead of injections, troches or creams? There are few advantages; Pellets bring up your hormones slowly over 2-6 weeks and last 6 months for men! Compared to injections that have you yo-yoing back and forth each week.  Creams have poor absorption and you need to be careful about sharing towels and troches require daily or twice daily dosing.

*Pricing is up to 200mg/week of testosterone, if you require more than 200mg/week, we will work with you on a custom plan. If you are new to hormone replacement we require labs before starting, see our BHRT Consult. All testosterone is non-refundable once delivered.


Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Cypionate/Anastrozole, Testosterone Cypionate/DHEA, Testosterone Gummies or Troches


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